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About Us

The CAC BANK has risen as a trendsetter leading Djibouti’s growing banking sector by registering spectacular success in recent years. With the introduction of the new liberalization policy, the CAC International Bank made a modest beginning in 2014 with only one branch at Quartier Commercial, right in the heart of Djibouti city. Today, the bank is recognized to be one of the most innovative banks in the country and credited as the largest bank as far as customer attraction and innovative services are concerned. Our amazing success story is marked with several milestones but the destination has always remained to be consistent efficiency and excellent relations with our valued customers.

With the passage of time, the CAC Bank ventured into overseas terrains, founding a 100% completely owned banking subsidiary with one operational branch in Bosaso. Our quest for progressive and quality banking served as the motivation in the journey of proliferation. Inspired by our vision, the CAC international Bank touched yet another horizon by establishing another banking subsidiary in Djibouti with the Islamic branch and the VIP branch opening at the end of 2016.

As a sound and effective addition to the international banking sector, the CAC Bank is aiming at newer heights with its attractive innovative and unique approach, introducing the spirit of modern banking technologies in Djibouti.

Vision & Mission


At CAC Bank, our vision is to be recognized globally as the leading dynamic and financial service provider and it is through our dedication, devotion and complete transparency with our work that has led us to create an identity that has helped to set us apart from other financial institutions in the country. At CAC, we are completely devoted in providing excellent service to our clients by focusing on our core values which include complete sincerity with our work, utmost dedication to our client’s needs along with an open and transparent attitude towards our work.


We believe in our vision, direction and devotion to become the most pioneering financial institution that will set us apart. We have devoted all our efforts to deliver excellence in all our services using our principles: honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our Goals

Among many others, CAC Bank is committed to the following values:

    ✔   To make clients our main priority.

    ✔   To constantly work on achieving excellence.

    ✔   To work with the spirit of one team.

    ✔   To work on achieving social development.

    ✔   To give care to and develop its Human Resources.

Today there are more than a dozen employees from diverse nationalities who are employed by CAC Bank, making the most diversified employers in the region and an ambassador of economic and social progress for the Republic of Djibouti.


    ✔   Apart from that, CAC Bank Djibouti is a member of many acclaimed syndicates and unions of commercial banks regionally and internationally. CAC International Bank is a member of SWIFT and thus money could be transferred easily using its SWIFT code.

    ✔   Besides that, the bank is also a member of the regional statutory professional association of banks in Djibouti – Djibouti Banks Syndicate which is a professional association of Category A credit and financing institutions as envisaged by the Banking Act, 2005.

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